A downloadable game for Windows

You are a drone dispatched to explore, harvest, and terraform an alien world for colonization.  The native lifeforms won't go easy so your in a for a fast paced bullet hell romp around the planet.

  • Retro art style

  • Third person bullet hell on a spherical planet

  • Target input device is Xbox controller


  • Left Stick to move
  • Right Stick to aim
  • LB to fire gravity rocket (deals no damage but pulls enemies in)
  • RB to fire explosive rocket (deals lots of damage)
  • Hold both triggers to activate the jetpack
  • Y to change the camera angle
  • Start to go back to the main menu

Strategy Guide

  • The screen goes more and more pixelated as you get damaged.  However your health automaticallyy regenerates if you can get out of the fight.  Pulling both triggers will allow you to fly, which can be very helpful for healing up. 
  • LB shoots rockets that do not deal damage but pulls enemies in, which you can follow up with RB to blow up a whole group of enemies.
  • Keep moving, if you stay put the dragonflies will get you


windows_8JUL2017b.zip 14 MB

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